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Our range of bespoke windows available are designed to satisfy the demands of our diverse customer base. From architects and specifiers to builders and property developers, we would be delighted to supply bespoke window solutions to meet the most demanding of technical and aesthetic requirements of individual projects.


From your first enquiry to your install, you will be appointed a dedicated customer manager who will guide you through choosing the right window to the right colours for your project


Yes we love Passivhaus and everything that goes with it. Not only do we do the windows, but we do the window frame sealing as well meaning you get a complete airtight/watertight fitted window

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Have something different? Well send it through as we love bespoke projects and can draw up 3D images to really show you what your window will look like.

Passivhaus windows - The Artemis - Passivhaus certified
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Passivhaus Windows

A Passivhaus building is a low-energy structure that allows for space heating and cooling-related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared to average new builds.

Passivhaus make efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery, rendering conventional heating systems unnecessary throughout even the coldest of winters. During warmer months, Passivhaus properties make use of passive cooling techniques such as strategic shading to keep comfortably cool.

Passivhaus buildings are praised for the high level of comfort they offer. Internal surface temperatures vary little from indoor air temperatures, even in the face of extreme outdoor temperatures.

Special windows and a building envelope consisting of a highly insulated roof and floor slab, as well as highly insulated exterior walls, keep the desired warmth in the house – and undesirable heat out.

In addition, a ventilation system imperceptibly supplies constant fresh air, making for superior air quality without unpleasant draughts. A highly efficient heat recovery unit allows for the heat contained in the exhaust air to be re-used.

Passivhaus properties use less than 1.5 l of oil or 1.5 m3 of gas to heat one square metre of living space for a year – substantially less than common “low-energy” buildings. Vast energy savings have been demonstrated in warm climates, where typical buildings also require active cooling.

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Since we have had our Artemis windows installed, we have noticed an undeniable difference in the way our home feels. The style and finish has made our once traditional home look and feel modern.
John Davies
Working with Intelligent Windows has been a great experience. The team was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Our new glazing is simply amazing, we absolutely love how trendy the house now looks.
Rebecca James

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